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Miyuki 10/0 Triangle Beads 10 Grams 10TR1827 ICL* Blue/Purple
Miyuki 10/0 Triangle Beads 10 Grams 10TR1827 ICL* Blue/Purple



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Bead Size: 10/0

Container: 2"x3" Baggie

Quantity: Approx 10 Grams

Beads per Gram: Approx 68

Beads per Container: Approx 680

Miyuki Triangle Beads

Miyuki Triangles are the perfect compliment to Delicas, Rocailles and other Miyuki beads. Size 10/0 Triangle beads are the tiniest triangle beads and are triangular in shape, with soft rounded corners. Miyuki beads are consistent in size and shape, allowing beaders to create professional quality pieces. The triangular shape of these beads will add texture and excitment to your bead weaving or your next bead soup. Mix and match all the Miyuki bead types to create a truly stunning piece!

AL Alabaster (translucent, marble like appearance)
C Ceylon (pearl-like finish, similar to Opaque Luster, but more subdued and the colors are often softer)
CR Crystal (transparent, the inside of the bead is darker than the outside-similar to Inside Color Lined)
F Fancy (transparent, usually with an Aurora Borealis finish and inside Color Lined)
GA Galvanized (chemically plated - Color not very durable)
ICL Inside Color Lined (transparent bead, inside of the bead is different color than the outside)
ICL* Same as above, but the inside Color sparkles
L Luster (pearl-like finish)
M Metallic (has a Metallic look)
MA Matte (frost ed appearance, very popular - opaque unless otherwise indicated, sometimes 2 or 3 tone)
MR Metallic Rainbow (multiple Color Metallic, often called "Iris")
OP Opaque (no light passes through the bead)
OPL Opaque Luster (opaque with a pearl-like luster finish)
OPR Opaque Rainbow (opaque with an Aurora Borealis Rainbow finish - often multiple colors)
R Rainbow (Aurora Borealis Rainbow finish - often multiple colors)
S Satin (silky appearance - very pretty, but edges then to be sharp)
SL Silver Lined
S-MA Semi-Matte (not as shiny as most beads, but not quite a Matte finish either)
T Transparent (some light passes through the bead)
TL Transparent Luster (light passes through the bead and it has a slight pearlized finish)
T MA Transparent Matte (some light passes through the bead, frosted finish)
TR Transparent Rainbow (light passes through the bead, with an Aurora Borealis Rainbow finish)
TSL Transparent Silver Lined (light passes through the bead, hole of bead is Silver Lined)

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