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Basics User Guide

Welcome to Red Panda Beads!

Red Panda Beads is a small company, owned by me,

Betsy. This page highlights some important features

about my business and website functionality. Red

Panda Beads is an online ONLY bead retailer. I have two

employees (Lauren & Cathy) and we work Monday –

Friday with the exception of postal holidays. Since my

website is open 24/7 and we only process orders 5 days

a week, typically orders are processed within 2-3

business days. As a small business, I can offer a lot of

things that a big retailer cannot, but I’m afraid the big

retailers can offer much quicker shipping on all orders

than I can. But I do know that sometimes 2-3 business

days is just too long to wait for an order to ship, so I do

offer priority processing. If you select USPS Priority

Mail as your shipping method, your order will go out the

next business day. You don’t have to pay for USPS

Priority Mail to get an order expedited, just add a note in

the comments section of your order and we will expedite

your order. I also offer FREE SHIPPING on all US orders

over $30 – but you will need to select the FREE

SHIPPING option when checking out.

Click here to see the shipping policy

"Pattern Reminders"

are NOT FREE Patterns

Pattern Reminders

Have you ever placed an online order after seeing a gorgeous beaded piece? Then

when the order arrives, you can't for the life of you remember what you intended to do

with the beads and supplies you ordered? Well, that's why I created "pattern

reminders". They are NOT patterns, but reminders of what you intend to do with the

items in any specific order. Did you know that you can even add notes to yourself

when you checkout?

Click here to see more about pattern Reminders

Click here to see where to add order comments/notes


There are several ways to get FREE patterns

on the Red Panda Beads website. Because

these patterns come from various sources,

each type of free pattern has unique

requirements for distribution.

1. Starman TrendSetter patterns are FREE - but LIMITED

to printed distribution. That means you cannot

download them or get them via email. When you

checkout on the Red Panda Beads website, you can

select 2 patterns from the 100+ patterns available in the

drop down boxes.

Click here to see where the boxes are.

Occasionally I will offer a promo where you can receive

a group of Starman TrendSetter patterns automatically

or if you add a note to your order requesting the special

offer of a specific group of patterns. These types, as

well as “secret” offers are sent via Constant Contact

email. I also use Constant Contact to send out

instructional birthday emails. If you “unsubscribe” from

Constant Contact, you will also be “unsubscribing” from

any special promos and/or offers.

2. Occasionally I will offer a free pattern digital

download with the purchase of specific items. All you

need to do is purchase the specific item(s) during the

offer time frame and after checking out, you will be able

to download the pattern(s) in your account management

area of my website.

Click here to see the digital download instructions on my website.

3. I also offer BeadSmith patterns as digital downloads

to my customers. You must be a registered customer in

good standing to be able to add these patterns to your

shopping cart. You cannot get these patterns directly

from BeadSmith, they are exclusive to BeadSmith

retailers, and only available from a BeadSmith retailer.

Click here to see the BeadSmith patterns available for digital download.

If you add only free patterns to your shopping cart and

checkout - your order will be delayed for manual review

before being approved.

4. I also have Bead Master and All Beads CZ patterns available on my site. These patterns have the least

requirements and are available on the respective sites as well.

Click here for All Beads CZ patterns

Click here for Bead Master patterns

5. I also feature specific patterns in my Gallery that are

free, but only available from the designer's webpage, so

I embed links in the Gallery category descriptions for

these patterns. Or you can go directly to the designer’s

blog/webpage, etc. to get the free pattern download.

Gallery of Color Suggestions

Unique to the Red Panda Beads website, is the Gallery

of Color Suggestions. Back when I started Red Panda

Beads, I had no idea that customers could be “color

challenged” or that I even had a gift for color. It just

came so naturally; I took it for granted that everyone felt

comfortable working with colors. Interacting with my

customers, I found that there are a lot of customers who

are either “color challenged” or because of the distance

and lack of access to beads in person, they just don’t

have the tools or time to select their own color schemes.

Since I’m surrounded by beads and love all the colors

and combining them, I’ve created the Gallery of Color

Suggestions. Typically, all the pieces in the Gallery are

hand beaded by me. Occasionally I will use a bead

designer’s original photos to enter that particular

colorway, but most of the colorways are crafted by me.

Some of the patterns are available for free, others need

to be purchased. I give the pattern specifics in each

colorway. There are 100’s of colorways to choose from

and I’m constantly adding more. I always send out an

email with the newest colorways – so if you are a

registered email subscriber to my Constant Contact

account, you are all set to get notified of each new

colorway. The Gallery is image driven as well as menu

driven, if you see an image/colorway you like, click on

the image/colorway and it will take you to a special

category that highlights not only the materials list, but

also all the items used in that colorway. For your

convenience, you can add the items directly to your cart

from the colorway category. The Gallery entries are

NOT kits. You will need to review the materials list and

product specifics to determine how many of any given

items you want to add to your cart. You may want to

make a longer or shorter piece. You may want to add

matching earrings. Or you may want to make multiples

of an item to give as gifts.

Click here to enter the Gallery of Color Suggestions

MyRewards Points

Every purchase (gift certificates excluded) on the Red Panda

Beads website earns MyRewards Points. Once you have

200 MyRewards Points, you can redeem them for a $10

store credit. Store credits are actually forms of

payment, just like a credit card and they automatically

apply to your next order during checkout. Since they

are forms of payment, they won’t show up in your cart,

but rather, will apply at the end during the payment

process. All credits apply BEFORE any other payment


Click here to see more about MyRewards Points

Birthday Credits

Red Panda Beads maintains a Birthday Calendar – if you

can indicate your birth month when you checkout the

first time on the Red Panda Beads website (there is a

drop down box in the shopping cart), then we will send you a
Happy Birthday instructional email with a special 2-Part coupon.
You will receive the email via Constant Contact. You may want
to check your SPAM or Junk folders for this instructional email.

Click here to see the FAQ page on Birthday Credits/MyRewards points

Paying with PayPal

We accept all major credit cards as well as PayPal. In

order to checkout with PayPal, you will need to fill your

cart first, then when you are ready to checkout, scroll

down to the bottom of your cart to click on the PayPal

link to begin checking out via PayPal.

Account Management

Customer accounts on the Red Panda Beads website

are unique to their email address. You can only have

one email address attached to a Red Panda Beads

account, but you can change the email address in the

Account Management section of the Red Panda Beads

website. You can also update your payment

preferences, shipping and billing addresses, as well as

many other items. You can access the Account

Management section of the website by clicking on the

My Account link in the upper right hand of the Red

Panda Beads website, or you can also click here.

If you have any questions/issues/concerns, the best way

to reach me is via email. You can use either email


[email protected]

[email protected]

It is much more efficient to communicate via email. You

can relate the issue/request in the first contact and I can

often resolve and/or reply with my initial follow-up.

Since I’m on the east coast, time zones and phone tag

are very real issues when communicating via telephone.

I address many of the customer service issues/requests

early in the day before the work day begins and emails

are a much less disruptive way of communicating at

5am EST. Once the work day begins, managing two

employees, ensuring smooth order processing, ordering

supplies, marketing and all the other administrative

tasks, make it extremely difficult to remember who is in

what time zone and when it is appropriate to call them.

Both email addresses come to my inbox and display on

my smart phone. I try to monitor emails as they come

in, but please do allow at least 24 hours for a response.

Due to the high volume of SPAM phone calls, I do not

answer the phone if I do not recognize the number.

I hope the information contained in this file is useful and

helps introduce you to the unique qualities of the Red

Panda Beads website, as well as answering any general

questions you may have. If I can be of any further

assistance, please do not hesitate to email me and let

me know how I can assist.

Happy Beading from all of us at
Red Panda Beads!