Red Panda Beads, LLC

Hi! My name is Betsy and I'm the beader/turned owner of this store. I fell into this quite by accident. Several years ago I decided to turn a cross stitch pattern into a beaded project. I got a small Indian loom and began experimenting with beads. The local craft store beads were too misshapen and irregular to work well on my loom. I went to my local bead store and bought much more expensive beads, only to find them equally misshapen. I was totally frustrated and began searching online for precise, uniform beads to complete my picture. I found Miyuki Delicas and ordered a few to see just how "uniform" they really were. I was completely blown away with the quality and way they fit together so nicely on my loom. I could not believe my luck at finally getting the perfect beads for my project! I quickly ordered more so that I could get my project completed. This was my first loom attempt. Since the picture was so wide and the loom was so narrow, I had to do six "panels" and when they were done, sew them together. I was doubtful all along the way that it was going to look even half-way decent. I almost gave up several times. But I stuck with it and the piece turned out nicer than I could ever have imagined! It was a gift for a Mickey Mouse fan - who had everything Mickey, except what I could make! Back then I was not savvy enough to take photos before giving a beaded gift away, so this photo below is the only one I have. It was taken with a cell phone of the piece on the wall. There are several things I would do differently, if I were to do it over, but my friend won't hear of re-doing it. She loves it just the way it is. :)

One day I saw others selling Miyuki Delicas online and I thought to myself, "I can do that." So I did. Gradually I began to add additional beads and brands to my inventory. At first I just worked for fun in the evenings and on the weekends. But everything grew and grew, so I started this website in November 2009. In the Spring of 2010 I gave up my day job to do this full time. In the following years I've added two additional employees.

My philosophy is simple, treat others as you would like to be treated. When I order online, I like for items to be shipped quickly, so my policy is to ship all packages as quickly as possible. Usually all orders are processed and on their way to their new homes within 2 to 3 business days.

I like free shipping, so I offer free USPS First Class shipping on all US orders over $30. For orders under $30 the shipping rates are based on the USPS rates which have and continue to rise each year. Red Panda Beads is located in southeastern Virginia and the new rating system with the USPS calculates the rate based on the travel distance from origination to destination - so customers on the west coast will have higher rates than those on the east coast. But for all US customers any order over $30 is eligible for FREE SHIPPING!

I like free gifts that inspire creativity or that are actually useful, so I give free gifts that fit that bill. With each purchase you can choose your gift type preference in the drop down menu. You can even request a sample of a particular bead.

I also know that I have a valuable resource that most beaders do not. I can see, touch and compare beads side by side before choosing beads for any project. So if you need any assistance or color recommendations, please do not hesitate to ask! That's what I'm here for. Please do not hesitate to email me at
[email protected].

I only sell items that I consider quality and would be proud to own myself. I partner with some other companies to bring you quality software and looms. I personally use both the software and looms myself. If you are unsure about the software and would like to "try before you buy", just send me a photo and I'll turn it into a pattern for you to try and see if you would like to invest in the software.

I was unprepared for the unintended consequence of owning my own online bead store. Making so many new beading friends! I have met many and continue to meet many great beaders and share in their beading adventures.

And lastly, my return policy is one that I am most proud of.
If for any reason, you are not completely satisfied with your Red Panda Beads purchase, you may return any items for a full refund. Red Panda Beads will also pay any postage expenses you may incur while sending back any returns. You have 14 days from the day you receive your package to contact us to arrange a merchandise return.