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Red Panda Beads Pattern Reminders

"Pattern Reminders" are unique tools created just for Red Panda Beads' customers. Customers often see designs in the Red Panda Beads Gallery of Color Suggestions and include items in the various categories in an order, intending to make a specific pattern or variation of a pattern. But when the order arrives, it's not always easy to remember the exact project you had in mind when you placed the order. So I've created "Pattern Reminders" to help jog your memory. If you see a pattern variation that you want to replicate - and would like a "memory nudge" when you receive your order, just add the "Pattern Reminder" to your shopping cart and the line item containing the pattern name will appear on your order invoice. Pattern Reminders are only intended for customer use and reference, Red Panda Beads staff members do not review or act on any pattern reminders added to an order.