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2007 - 2017

Featuring Starman TrendSetter Pattern English Crescent Bracelet

by Rochelle Peterson

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All Beads CZ Project Gekko Bracelet Pattern by Sabine Lippert Barbara C Deese Design - Diamond Crossing
Bead Master Project DiamonDuo™ & BeadStud Bracelet Pattern by Ruzena Mikulova BeadSmith Felié Collar Necklace Pattern
BeadSmith Kheops® parPuca® Camille Bracelet Pattern BeadSmith Project Bracelet So Cute
BeadSmith Project Charlestone Bracelet BeadSmith Project Crisscrossing Bracelet by Leslie Rogalski
BeadSmith Project Galina's Gift Necklace by Beth Stone BeadSmith Project Honeycomb Bangle by Apollinariya Koprivnik
BeadSmith Project Kashmir Earrings BeadSmith Project Mosaic Earrings Pattern by Nela Kabelova
BeadSmith Project Northern Star Bracelet Pattern by Nela Kabelova BeadSmith Project Ocular Beaded Bead Necklace
BeadSmith Project Primrose Earrings BeadSmith Project Riss Necklace by Isabella Lam
BeadSmith Project Silky Circlets by Sigi Contreras BeadSmith Project SuperDuo Honeycomb Bangle by Katie Dean
BeadSmith Project Thalia Tooth Bracelet BeadSmith Project Timbuktu Earrings
BeadSmith Trinity Beads Pattern Bumpitybump Beadwork Magazine Pattern Papillon Bracelet by Carole Ohl
Crafty Inspiration By Linda - Lucy Bracelet Deb Roberti's Alexandra Bracelet
Deb Roberti's Alexandra Earrings Deb Roberti's Alexandra Ornament & Pendant Pattern
Deb Roberti's Aloha Bracelet Deb Roberti's Antonia Bracelet
Deb Roberti's Antonia Pendant Deb Roberti's Any Bead Bracelet
Deb Roberti's Athena Bracelet & Earrings Deb Roberti's Athena Pattern Set
Deb Roberti's Aztec Band Bracelet Deb Roberti's Babette Bracelet & Earrings
Deb Roberti's Babette Necklace & Earrings Deb Roberti's Baroque Bracelet & Earrings
Deb Roberti's Betsy's Crystal Lace Earrings Pattern Deb Roberti's Betsy's Cupola Earrings Pattern
Deb Roberti's Bijoux Bracelet & Earrings Deb Roberti's Birthday Bracelet
Deb Roberti's Bistro Pattern Set Deb Roberti's Blossom Bracelet
Deb Roberti's Blossom Bracelet & Earrings Pattern Deb Roberti's Bobble Bangles Pattern
Deb Roberti's Bodacious Pendant & Earrings Deb Roberti's Boleyn Cuff Bracelet
Deb Roberti's Bridesmaid's Crystal Cuff Bracelet Pattern Deb Roberti's Brocade Bracelets Pattern
Deb Roberti's Bubble Necklace Pattern Deb Roberti's Butterfly Lace Bracelet Pattern
Deb Roberti's Button Bracelet and Earrings Pattern Deb Roberti's Button Necklace Pattern
Deb Roberti's Byzantium Band Bracelet Pattern Deb Roberti's Caroline's Cuff Bracelet
Deb Roberti's Circe Bracelet & Earrings Deb Roberti's Circe Earrings
Deb Roberti's Cordelia's Bracelet Pattern Deb Roberti's Cosmos Bracelet and Earrings
Deb Roberti's Craving Crystal Necklace Deb Roberti's Crocus Garden Necklace & Bracelet Pattern
Deb Roberti's Crystal Flower Bracelet Deb Roberti's Crystal Flower Bracelet & Earrings
Deb Roberti's Crystal Luster Flower Bracelet Pattern Deb Roberti's Crystal Picot Bracelet Pattern
Deb Roberti's Crystal Tennis Bracelet Pattern Deb Roberti's Crystal Tile Bracelet
Deb Roberti's Cube Bracelet Pattern Deb Roberti's Cube Brocade Bracelets
Deb Roberti's Cubism Bracelet & Earrings Deb Roberti's Cupola Bracelet Pattern
Deb Roberti's CzechMate Brick Pendant Deb Roberti's CzechMates Bands
Deb Roberti's Daisy Bracelet Deb Roberti's Diamond Crystal Bracelet, Pendant & Earrings
Deb Roberti's Diamond Tila Bracelet & Earrings Deb Roberti's Dragonfly Bangle Pattern
Deb Roberti's Drop Petal Necklace & Earrings Pattern Deb Roberti's Eclipse Necklaces Pattern
Deb Roberti's Elizabethan Cuff Bracelet Deb Roberti's Fanfare Bracelet Pattern
Deb Roberti's Fiesta Bracelet & Earrings Deb Roberti's Fusion Bands
Deb Roberti's Garden Cuff Bracelet Deb Roberti's Grand Fleur Necklace, Earrings & Pendant
Deb Roberti's Hana-Ami Bracelets Deb Roberti's Harlequin Band Bracelet
Deb Roberti's Harlequin II Band Bracelet Deb Roberti's Heirloom Bracelet & Earrings
Deb Roberti's Holiday Bracelet and Medallion Pattern Deb Roberti's Infinity Bracelet & Earrings Pattern
Deb Roberti's Isabella Bracelet, Pendant & Earrings Deb Roberti's Jeweled Bracelet Pattern
Deb Roberti's Jolie Bands Pattern Deb Roberti's Key West Bracelet Pattern
Deb Roberti's Labyrinth Bracelet Deb Roberti's Lady Jane Bracelet and Earrings
Deb Roberti's Lilac Bracelet Deb Roberti's Little Ditties
Deb Roberti's Maru Bracelet & Earrings Deb Roberti's Maya SuperDuo Earrings & Pendant
Deb Roberti's MiniDuo Bands Pattern Deb Roberti's Moon Ring Bracelet & Earrings
Deb Roberti's Mosaic Bands Bracelet Pattern Deb Roberti's Nexus Bracelet & Earrings Pattern
Deb Roberti's Octagonal Bracelet & Earrings Deb Roberti's Octavia Ornament & Pendant Pattern
Deb Roberti's Pebbled Bracelet Deb Roberti's Petites Fleurs Bracelet, Earrings & Pendant
Deb Roberti's Pinch Beads Crossroads Bracelet Pattern Deb Roberti's Pinnacle Bands
Deb Roberti's Pyramid Bands Bracelets Deb Roberti's Ribbon Bracelet
Deb Roberti's Ribbon Candy Bracelet Deb Roberti's Roundabout Bracelet & Earrings Pattern
Deb Roberti's Saturday Night Bracelet Pattern Deb Roberti's Secret Santa Bracelet Pattern
Deb Roberti's Silky Squares Deb Roberti's Silky Stacker
Deb Roberti's Snowflake Earrings Deb Roberti's Solitaire Bracelets
Deb Roberti's Stackers Bracelets Deb Roberti's Stackers Bracelets - Fall 2013 Fashion Colors
Deb Roberti's Stackers Bracelets - Non Neon Version Deb Roberti's Starburst Earrings
Deb Roberti's Starflower Necklace Deb Roberti's Starlight Pendant/Ornament
Deb Roberti's Sybil SuperDuo Pendant Deb Roberti's Tila Band
Deb Roberti's Tila Curve II Bracelets Deb Roberti's TIla Flower Band
Deb Roberti's TIla Flower Preview Deb Roberti's Tila Medallion Bracelet & Earrings
Deb Roberti's Tila Squared Earrings Deb Roberti's Tila SuperDuo Band
Deb Roberti's TIla Twin Wiggle Deb Roberti's Trestle Bands
Deb Roberti's Tuscan Cuff Bracelet and Earrings Pattern Deb Roberti's Tuscan Drop Earrings
Deb Roberti's Twin Cube Wave Band Deb Roberti's Venetian Pattern Set
Deb Roberti's Victorian Bracelet & Earrings Deb Roberti's Zigzag Bracelet Pattern
Ellad2's Amaris Bracelet Pattern Ellad2's Aurora Pendant Pattern
Ellad2's Champagne Bracelet Pattern Ellad2's Hara Flower Pendant Pattern
Ellad2's Honeycomb Bracelet Pattern Ellad2's O-Duo Bracelet Pattern
Ellad2's Prisha Necklace Pattern Ellad2's Tulip Bracelet Pattern
Farfalle Fever by Shelley Nybakke Half Moon Beads BeadSmith Pattern Half Moon Rising Cuff
Holiday Earring Ideas Red Panda Beads Berrylicious Bracelet
Red Panda Beads Tila Inspiration Bracelet Spring 2014 Fashion Series
Starman TrendSetter A Pop of Color Necklace Starman TrendSetter A Pop of Color Pendant
Starman TrendSetter Autumn Wheat Shoals Bracelet Starman TrendSetter Bon Bon Earrings
Starman TrendSetter Bountiful Bracelet Starman TrendSetter Chainon
Starman TrendSetter Chenille Stitch Bangles Starman TrendSetter Chrysanthemum Pendant
Starman TrendSetter Cornerstones Bracelet Starman TrendSetter Cornerstones Earrings
Starman TrendSetter Crescent Blossom Pendant Starman TrendSetter Crescent Cuddles Bracelet
Starman TrendSetter Crossroads Cuff Starman TrendSetter Cypress Leaf Bracelet
Starman TrendSetter Dagger Duo Starman TrendSetter Datura Pendant
Starman TrendSetter Demi Deluxe Starman TrendSetter Demitria Bracelet
Starman TrendSetter Denali Cuff Starman TrendSetter Double Tile Bangle
Starman TrendSetter Empress Pendant Starman TrendSetter English Crescent Bracelet
Starman TrendSetter Flower Lattice Bracelet Starman TrendSetter Flower Patch Bracelet
Starman TrendSetter High Stepping Bracelet Starman TrendSetter Isabella Cuff
Starman TrendSetter Just Rollin' Along Starman TrendSetter Keystones Bracelet
Starman TrendSetter Lacy Links Bracelet Starman TrendSetter Layers of Brillance
Starman TrendSetter Lenora's Bracelet Starman TrendSetter Lilies on the Water Bracelet
Starman TrendSetter Little Five Points Earrings Starman TrendSetter Marrakesh Mosaic Bracelet
Starman TrendSetter Masquerade Bracelet Starman TrendSetter Montpensier Bracelet
Starman TrendSetter Morning Glory Bracelet Starman TrendSetter Palmetto
Starman TrendSetter Pauline Pendant Starman TrendSetter Pearls on Posies
Starman TrendSetter Quatrefoil Starman TrendSetter Ringlet Bracelet
Starman TrendSetter Rippling Ovals Bracelet Starman TrendSetter Rose Windows
Starman TrendSetter Russian Crescents Bracelet Starman TrendSetter Snake Skin
Starman TrendSetter Step It Up Bracelet Starman TrendSetter Steppin' Out Bracelet
Starman TrendSetter Sweet Alyssum Bracelet Starman TrendSetter Sweet Harmony Bracelet
Starman TrendSetter Tri-Star Necklace Starman TrendSetter Vineyard Harvest Bracelet
Starman TrendSetter Wayfarer Earrings Starman TrendSetter Whatamelon Bracelet
Starman TrendSetter Winding Current
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