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Happy Birthday from Red Panda Beads.....

Who is qualified to receive a Birthday Credit?
All registered customers on the Red Panda Beads website are qualified to receive a Birthday Credit. Birthday Credit announcements are sent via Constant Contact, if you unsubscribe from the Red Panda Beads Constant Contact emails, you will not receive any email notification regarding Birthday Credits. You will still get the 200 Birthday Credit Rewards Points, but you will not receive any email reminders or instructions regarding the Birthday Credit Rewards Points.

How do I get my Birthday Credit?
You will need to register for an account on the Red Panda Beads website. Once you have registered, send an email to betsy@redpandabeads.com and let me know your birth month.

When will I receive my Birthday Credit?
The Birthday Credits are applied at the beginning of the birth month. If your birthday is in September, the credit will be applied at the beginning of September.

How do the Birthday Credits work?
The Birthday Credits are applied in the form of MyRewards Points. You will receive 200 MyRewards Points that you can redeem for a $10 MyRewards Credit. Once you redeem the MyRewards Points, your MyRewards Credit will be added to your account and will automatically apply to your very next order during the checkout process.

Can I save my Birthday Credit for a later time?
Yes you may save your credit when it is still in the form of MyRewards Points. However, once you redeem your MyRewards Points, there is no way to save the MyRewards Credit and it will automatically apply to your next order during checkout.

Can I combine my Birthday Credit MyRewards Points with my regularly earned MyRewards Points?
Yes - the MyRewards Points are one bucket of points. You may choose to redeem as many or as few as you would like to create a MyRewards Credit in increments of 200 points, or $10 intervals.

How long can I save my Reward Points? Do they ever expire?
No, MyRewards Points never expire

I'm not sure if I have already redeemed MyRewards Points. Is there a way to see MyRewards Credit before checking out?
Yes, you can check your MyRewards Credit at any time in the account management area of the Red Panda Beads website, under Gift Certificate Balance.

Are there any purchasing limitations for using my Reward Points?
No, you may redeem MyRewards Points and use them to purchase any item(s) in the Red Panda Beads website. Please note that orders being made with only redeemed MyRewards Points will not accrue MyRewards Points. Orders with partial payment and redeemed MyRewards Points will only accrue MyRewards Points for items paid.

How will I know when my MyRewards Points have been applied?
You will also receive an email from redpandabeads@cox.net. Please check your SPAM folder if you do not see an email. You may also log on to your account and check your MyRewards balance.

What if my birthday has already passed this year?
Don't worry, you still qualify for your Birthday Credit, and will receive it shortly after registering and notifying me of your birth month.

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