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Chili Oil Monday - Exclusive Mix of Miyuki Delica Seed Beads
Chili Oil Monday - Exclusive Mix of Miyuki Delica Seed Beads



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Chili Oil Monday

This Monday's mix was inspired by the 2018 Spring Fashion Color Chili Oil. The 2nd photo is of the bracelet & earrings set also inspired by the color Chili Oil.
Click here to see the bracelet & earrings set in my Gallery.

Monday's Mixes are exclusive mixes from Red Panda Beads. Each mix is personally designed. These mixes get their name from the day of the week they are launched. Each exclusive mix contains 9 colors of 11/0 Miyuki Delica seed beads. Each color comes in a a neatly labeled flip top tube, measuring approx. 5.7 grams. Included in this mix are:

DB2173 ~ Duracoat SL MA Dyed Crimson

DB2044 ~ Luminous Maple

DB2152 ~ Duracoat SL Dyed Sunset Blush

DB102 ~ TL Faded Rose/Gold

DB1736 ~ ICL* R Amethyst/Toffee

DB2177 ~ Duracoat SL MA Dyed Wheat

DB1016 ~ M LR Raspberry

DB1802 ~ Sand Dune Tan Satin

DB2275 ~ OP Glazed Pomegranate

AL Alabaster (translucent, marble like appearance)
C Ceylon (pearl-like finish, similar to Opaque Luster, but more subdued and the colors are often softer)
CR Crystal (transparent, the inside of the bead is darker than the outside-similar to Inside Color Lined)
F Fancy (transparent, usually with an Aurora Borealis finish and inside Color Lined)
GA Galvanized (chemically plated – Color not very durable)
ICL Inside Color Lined (transparent bead, inside of the bead is different color than the outside)
ICL* Same as above, but the inside Color sparkles
L Luster (pearl-like finish)
M Metallic (has a Metallic look)
MA Matte (frost ed appearance, very popular – opaque unless otherwise indicated, sometimes 2 or 3 tone)
MR Metallic Rainbow (multiple Color Metallic, often called “Iris”)
OP Opaque (no light passes through the bead)
OPL Opaque Luster (opaque with a pearl-like luster finish)
OPR Opaque Rainbow (opaque with an Aurora Borealis Rainbow finish – often multiple colors)
R Rainbow (Aurora Borealis Rainbow finish – often multiple colors)
S Satin (silky appearance – very pretty, but edges then to be sharp)
SL Silver Lined
S-MA Semi-Matte (not as shiny as most beads, but not quite a Matte finish either)
T Transparent (some light passes through the bead)
TL Transparent Luster (light passes through the bead and it has a slight pearlized finish)
T MA Transparent Matte (some light passes through the bead, frosted finish)
TR Transparent Rainbow (light passes through the bead, with an Aurora Borealis Rainbow finish)
TSL Transparent Silver Lined (light passes through the bead, hole of bead is Silver Lined)

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