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Deborah Roberti designs beading patterns. Her website offers some free and some bead patterns available for purchase. I highly recommend her bead patterns, not only are they extremely affordable and easy to follow, but they are very versatile as well. This category highlights some of the possible variations of her Athena Bracelet, Earrings and Pendant patterns.
These patterns are available for purchase on the www.aroundthebeadingtable.com website - click here to purchase the entire set for $6.00. You can also purchase the patterns individually on her website.

Bracelet Materials (for a 7 inch bracelet, not including clasp)
4 yards 6 lb. Fireline
Approximately 300 11/0 seed beads
Approximately 36 Color 1 SuperDuo beads
Approximately 72 Color 2 SuperDuo beads
Approximately 36 size 4mm beads

Earring Materials (for a pair of earrings)
2 yards 6 lb. Fireline
Approximately 75 size 11/0 seed beads
8 Color 1 SuperDuo beads
16 Color 2 SuperDuo Beads
10 size 4mm beads
2 small (2-4mm) jump rings
a pair of ear wires, or whichever type of earring finding you prefer

Pendant Materials (for pendant):
1 yard 6 lb. Fireline
Approximately 35 size 11/0 seed beads
12 Color 1 SuperDuo beads
12 Color 2 SuperDuo beads
9 size 4mm round
4-6mm jump ring or closed slide bail
a 16 or 18 inch chain, satin, silk or leather cord with clasp

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