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BeadSmith Exclusive Bead Store Project

Honeycomb Bangle
by Apollinariya Koprivnik

BeadSmith is providing Exclusive Bead Store Projects. This design, Honeycomb Bangle, by Apollinariya Koprivnik, weaves Honeycomb Beads with Matubo 7/0 Beads, SuperDuos, MiniDuos and seed beads to make a complex looking, yet surprisingly easy to make bangle.

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Bangle Materials (for a 6.5 inch bangle bracelet)
Approx 3 yards Thread of Choice
Approx 60 Honeycomb Beads
Approx 20 SuperDuo Beads
Approx 40 MiniDuo Beads
Approx 3 Grams 7/0 Matubo Beads
Approx 1 Gram 15/0 Seed Beads
Approx 1 Gram 11/0 Seed Beads

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