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Create Beaded Beads, using the new Two Hole Carrier Duo Beads. String the Beaded Beads along with 6mm beads to make a truly unique bracelet. Each Carrier Duo Bead purchase on the Red Panda Beads website comes with a FREE PDF download of Peyote patterns created specifically for the new Carrier Duo beads, and includes blank Peyote Grids so that you can create your own patterns.

Bracelet Materials (for a 6.5-inch bracelet, including clasp)
Approx 10 yards of Beading Thread to make Beaded Beads (Matching colors of Toho One-G recommended)
Approx 2 Feet FireLine to Join Beaded Beads
Approx 10 Carrier Duo Beads
Assorted Colors Miyuki 11/0 Delica Beads
Approx 24 Size 6mm Round Beads
Clasp of Choice

Necklace Materials (for an 18-inch necklace, before clasp)
Approx 10 yards of 6lb FireLine
Approx 3 Feet FireLine to Join Beaded Beads
Approx 10 CarrierDuo Beads
Red Panda Beads Monday's Mix
Approx 25 Size 6mm Round Beads
Approx 143 Size 4mm Pearls
Clasp of Choice

Necklace Materials vary per colorway - see each specific colorway for exact materials needed.

Joining the Beaded CarrierDuo beads together using size 6mm and 4mm round beads creates a curve in this necklace. Nine of the 6mm round beads are used in the curve and eight are used in 1/2 of the double strand alternating with 3 of the 4mm beads. The longer strand of the double strand has forty of the 4mm beads.

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