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Protect Me Bracelet
by TrendSetter Iulia Postica
Copyright 2017, Starman, Inc & Artist.
Not licensed for digital distribution.
Promotional use only--no resale of instructions permitted. Version 1.0

Introducing The CzechMates 3-Hole Beam

The latest addition to the Building Blocks of Modern Beading is the Beam. Use this unique 3-hole bead to create motifs that suspend, extend and intersect within your designs.

53 CzechMates Beam Beads
6 CzechMates Cabochon Beads
4 Grams 11/0 Seed Beads
2 Jump Rings
TOHO One-G Thread
Clasp of Choice

Bracelet measures approximately 7 1/8
" before clasp. Each segmetn is approximately 1 1/4" long. Minor adjustments to the length can be made with the seed beads at the clasp ends.