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The bracelet design was done using Deb Roberti's
Free Stackers Bracelet pattern
and the Earrings were done using the Any Bead Earrings pattern. You can download the FREE Stackers pattern and the earring pattern is available for purchase on the www.aroundthebeadingtable.com website.

Materials (for a 7.5-inch bracelets, not including the clasps)
6 yards of 6 lb. FireLine

About 48 size 11/0 seed beads
About 42 CzechMate Tile Beads
About 42 Color 1 SuperDuo Beads
About 42 Color 2 SuperDuo Beads
About 12 4mm Round Crystals
About 12 Color 1 4mm FirePolished Beads
About 12 Color 2 FirePolished Beads

3 clasps

Materials (for earrings)
2 yards of 6 lb. FireLine
About 48 size 11/0 seed beads
About 4 Color 1 SuperDuo Beads
About 4 Color 2 SuperDuo Beads
About 8 Size 4mm Color 1 FirePolished Beads
About 4 Size 4mm Color 2 FirePolished Beads
About 2 Size 4mm Round Crystals
About 2 CzechMates Dagger Beads
two small (2-4mm) jump rings
a pair of earring findings

Below are the items in this St Patrick's Day themed bracelet and earring set. Click on each item to see the details and materials used in each example.

Below are the components used in this design example. If you would like to make this version yourself, you will need to calculate the quantities of each item to purchase, depending on the length of bracelet you wish to make, etc.