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Starburst by TrendSetter Olga Haserodt
Copyright 2018, Starman, Inc & Artist.
Not licensed for digital distribution.
Promotional use only--no resale of instructions permitted. Version 1.0

Make a Radiant Component with Diamonds™

Use right-angle weave to make this versatile double-sided circular component using CzechMates® Diamonds™, TOHO® seed bead rounds and Demi Rounds™ and fire-polished rounds.

8 CzechMates® Diamonds
16 3mm Fire-Polished Rounds
1 Gram TOHO® 15/0 Rounds
1 Gram TOHO® 11/0 Rounds
1 Gram TOHO® 11/0 Demi Rounds
TOHO One-G Beading Thread

Component as instructed measures approximately 7/8".

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