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Lenora's Bracelet

Starman TrendSetter Lisa Jordan created this simple, yet elegant bracelet for the new TOHO Demi Round™ beads. The TOHO Demi Round™ beads are an exclusive innovation developed by TOHO in collaboration with Starman. The Demi Round™ is a thinner version of the traditional round seed bead with the same hole size and diameter.

Materials & Sizing

Approx 36 CzechMates® QuadraTiles
Approx 18 3mm Bicone Crystals
Approx 36 8/0 Seed Beads
Approx 4 Grams TOHO 8/0 Demi Rounds™
Approx 2 Grams TOHO 11/0 Demi Rounds™

TOHO One-G Thread
Clasp of Choice

Bracelet as instructed measures approximately 7" before clasp. Each component measures approx 7/8".

This Pattern is available as a FREE printed insert in your order, but you must choose it from the drop-down box when checking out and we will insert the printed pattern in your order package.

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