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Rippling Ovals Bracelet

Starman TrendSetter Diane Fitzgerald created this simple and elegant bracelet for the CzechMates® Crescent™ beads. The delicate points of the CzechMates® Crescent™ Beads and versatility of the convex and concave sides allow for unlimited architectural patterns and forms. This pattern is available as a free printed insert - simply use the two drop-down boxes when checking out on the Red Panda Beads website to select two patterns to be printed and inserted in your order when it ships. Click here to see all the FREE Starman TrendSetters patterns available.

Materials & Sizing

100 CzechMates® Crescents™ - single color or multiples, as desired
8 CzechMates® Bar Beads
20 4mm Round Beads
2 Grams 8/0 Seed Beads
2 Grams 11/0 Seed Beads
2 Grams 15/0 Seed Beads
Small Clasp of Choice

Each Oval component measures 1.5". Bracelet as instructed measures 7.5" before clasp.

Sizing the Bracelet
For an approximate 6" bracelet before clasp, make four ovals instead of five.

For an approximate 7" bracelet before clasp, make three ovals as instructed. For the remaining two ovals, replace the second 4mm Round Bead in Step 2 with one half o f the clasp.

For sizes between 6" and 7", make four ovals and add extra seed beads at the clasp to increase length.

This pattern is available as a FREE printed insert in your order, but you must choose it from the
drop-down box when checking out.

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