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This series is a representation of beaded versions of the Spring 2017 fashion colors. Each addition highlights one of the 2017 Spring colors. Each of the entries will vary in style and composition.

Note: Artistic license was used to create these entries in the Spring 2017 Fashion Series, so the hue or tone may not exactly match each of the colors.

This entry highlights the 2017 Spring color Kale

The design was done using Nela Kabelova's Rani Bracelet pattern. The bracelet is made by connecting motifs, and two separate motifs make matching earrings. The Rani pattern is available as a FREE Digital Download on the Red Panda Beads website. Click here to add the pattern to your shopping cart.

Bracelet Materials (for a 5.5-inch bracelet, not including clasp)
Approx 5 Yards of Bead Thread of Choice
Approx 128 Size 11/0 Seed Beads
Approx 340 Size 15/0 Miyuki Seed Beads

Approx 96 Miyuki 11/0 Delica seed beads
Approx 34 Matubo Nib-Bit Beads
Approx 34 Matubo 8/0 Beads
Approx 34 MiniDuo Beads
Approx 8 Swarovski 8mm Chatons
Approx 34 Jump Rings
Clasp of Choice

The pattern calls for jewelry chain to attach the clasp, but I used Jump Rings to make my own "jewelry chain".
This also added length (1.5 inches) to the bracelet.

Earrings Materials
Approx 3 Feet Beading Thread of Choice
Approx 32 Size 11/0 seed beads
Approx 80 Size 15/0 Miyuki Seed Beads
Approx 24 Miyuki 11/0 Delica seed beads
Approx 8 Matubo Nib-Bit Beads
Approx 8 Matubo 8/0 Beads
Approx 8 MiniDuo Beads
Approx 2 Swarovski 8mm Chatons
2 jump rings
A pair of earring findings

Below are the items used in this 2017 Spring Fashion Kale bracelet and earring set.

Below are the components used in this design example. If you would like to make this version yourself, you will need to calculate the quantities of each item to purchase, depending on the length of bracelet you wish to make, if you want matching earrings, etc.