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Snake Skin

Top of Bracelet

Underside of Bracelet

Starman TrendSetter Svetlana Einy created this simple and sleek bracelet for the CzechMates™ 2-hole Dagger beads. This masterfully simple design easily works up into an overlapping cuff of daggers. The sleek look and feel of this piece can only be achieved with the CzechMates™ 2-Hole Dagger. The staggered hold configuration allows for maneuverability and Flexibility, much like the reptile it's named for.

Materials & Sizing
84 CzechMates™ Daggers of varied colors
11/0 Seed Beads
15/0 Seed Beads
3-Strand Clasp

The finished bracelet is 7 inches long. Adjust the length by increasing or decreasing the number of daggers per row. Each dagger increases the length of the bracelet by 1/3 inch.

This pattern is available as a FREE printed insert in your order, but you must choose it from the dropdown box when checking out.

Below are the components used in this design example. If you would like to make this version yourself, you will need to calculate the quantities of each item to purchase, depending on the length of bracelet you wish to make, etc.